Stuttgart: Night road riot in Stuttgart – police arrest 6 people

Apparently that is also part of the new normal …

Nocturnal road riot in Baden-Württemberg: During a large-scale police operation in Stuttgart, several people were injured – there were also arrests!

From 10 p.m., police officers spoke to individual groups of people in downtown Stuttgart about the current ban on alcohol consumption and referred to the regulations of the Corona Ordinance – the around 500 people, mainly young people, had been in the area of ​​the Schloßplatz and on the outside staircase.

Around midnight, according to the police, the mood in the area of ​​the outside staircase became increasingly aggressive. Apparently, bottles were thrown in the direction of the emergency services.

The head of operations therefore decided to clear the outside staircase, whereupon the officers asked the people to leave and pointed them in the direction of the main train station. Apparently there were further bottle throws, arguments and massive insults. Five officers were injured and one officer was forced to retire early.

► Property damage is also said to have occurred.

The emergency services have meanwhile arrested six people. In the course of the measures, pepper spray was also used.

Police forces are standing on Schlossplatz

Photo: Christoph Schmidt / dpa

At around 2 a.m., the situation had calmed down significantly, according to the police. During subsequent inspections, the emergency services discovered various damage to property in the Königstrasse area. The investigation continues.


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