Stunned WWE woman and her sister promised to go free to compete in 2021

Saturday, January 9, 2021 16:01 PM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, wrestling news) Not wearing wrestling underwear, it was a seemingly risky decision by the sports lady.

Natalya, 38 years old Canadian currently living in the US used to be a famous female wrestler of WWE. She was the star of the SmackDown event, the most attractive arena of WWE, held every Monday. She won the WWE Championship twice, once crowned Divas and once won the SmackDown title.

Natalya (left) and her sister posted a live video, celebrating the 1st anniversary of their Youtube channel

Now that Natylya has retired, she and her sister created the popular YouTbe channel. Recently, the two sisters celebrated the 1st anniversary of their social networking channel.

In the clip, Natalya announced that she would return to play today, to once again become the WWE SmackDown female champion, her sister Jenni reminded viewers that she was “single and ready to find a boyfriend in 2021”. Unlike normal women who are afraid of gaining weight, two sisters Natalya want to gain “more 5 kg”.

The two beauties closed the live video with Jenni wearing a split skirt. Natalya discovered that neither she nor her sister were wearing underwear, so she blurted out: “Whatever we do, models, wrestling, weddings … we won’t wear underwear for the whole year 2021. , do you understand?”.

The sentence was uttered “impulsively” and Natylya would have to regret it. Because you can not wear “accessories” when modeling, when holding a wedding, but with wrestling, this is very difficult.

“Not wearing WWE underwear will have a lot of fun here,” said one Youtube viewer. “Maybe she just let her mouth out, I bet she won’t dare attend WWE after this announcement,” added another account.

Stunned WWE women and her sister promised to

The two sisters of the former WWE wrestler are very beautiful

Stunned WWE women and her sister promised to

Natalya is training to get back to wrestling

Stunned WWE women and her sister promised to

The 36-year-old former gladiator has a fierce fighting style

Stunned WWE woman and her sister promised to

She was once pitted against Ronda Rousey on the WWE ring

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