Solingen: After this news, the mother killed her children

Wuppertal / Solingen – On the day when Christiane K. (28) killed five of her six children in Solingen, her ex wrote to her that he would start a new beginning with another woman. A few hours later the children were dead, the mother threw herself in front of a train and survived.

The children (1, 2, 3, 6 and 8) were accused of being drowned and suffocated by their own mother. They were lying in bed with damp hair, blankets, towels or stuffed animals next to them. Drug intoxication was found in all children. It cannot be determined whether they were already unconscious from the medication when they were suffocated or drowned.

The five children were killed in this apartment building

Photo: Meike Wirsel

On the seventh day of the murder trial, the judge reads harrowing news from the day between Christiane K. and her ex-husband and mother. The reason was the summons of the criminal investigation officer as a witness who evaluated the cell phones.

On the news, the mother announces the killing of the children! Her ex had previously confessed to having a new relationship. The changed profile picture on WhatsApp with the new love is said to have been the trigger for the insane act.

The chat process begins around 8 a.m. and continues until around 1:34 p.m. Christiane K. sees the new profile photo and speaks to her ex about it. He replies that he is in love again, that he wants to start over. When Christiane K. asks what about the vacation together, he replies that she has to do it without him.

The death mother replies that she couldn’t get along without him, writes: “I love you and I don’t want to be without you.” Then she threatens that he will no longer get to see his children.

In the shocking last lines of the chat, she wrote to him: “I’m serious, the children are no longer alive.” He replies: “You shit bitch. What have you done?”

On the same day, roughly parallel to the chat with her ex-husband, Christiane K. also writes with her mother, telling her about the ex-husband’s new relationship.

Teaser picture

The children’s shoes are still standing in the stairwell in front of the sealed door

Photo: Marcel Kusch / dpa

Christiane K. is apparently already at the train station with her eldest son Marcel. She texts her mother that she should pick up the son right away and that the children are dead. Her mother should also send the police to the apartment, she was sorry.

Marcel, the death mother’s only child who survived, is now living in a foster family. The murder trial continues.


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