Single reduction card, teleworking package… SNCF presents its new tariffs

The SNCF unveiled this Tuesday 1er June an overhaul of its price range for TGV and Intercity trains, aimed at making it less opaque and more accessible, in order to bring passengers back to its trains.

The main measure concerns the merger from this Tuesday of the various Avantage loyalty cards (family, senior, young and weekend) which offer a 30% reduction. The new single card, sold like its predecessors at 49 euros for one year, will also offer a 60% reduction for three children and guarantee a capped price for all destinations, even at the last moment – if there is room, of course.

SNCF could lose up to 5 billion euros in 2020

Reduction included, the ticket will thus cost in seconds no more than 39 euros for journeys of less than 1 hour 30 minutes (approximately 25% of trips), no more than 59 euros for journeys between 1 hour 30 and 3 hours (50% ) and no more than 79 euros for longer journeys (25%). And 19, 29 and 39 euros respectively for children.

Minimum and maximum price

One downside: adults aged 28 to 59 won’t be able to enjoy it on weekdays, unless they have children with them or if they take a return trip after the weekend. And the Advantage card will undoubtedly not be recognized in all TERs. “The regions have the freedom to follow us or not”, noted Valérie Maucotel, the program manager.

With this Advantage card, SNCF Voyageurs expects “More than 20 million additional trips next year”. And a goal for 2030 “To have more than 200 million trips on the main lines”.

Are the night trains promised by Macron really the future of SNCF?

For the start of the school year, the SNCF is announcing an annual subscription dedicated to teleworking, for those who would only travel two or three times a week. This new offer, “My annual telework package”, will be equivalent to 40% reduction compared to the classic subscription “My annual package”.

It will also simplify its loyalty program ” Great traveller “ by recognizing the frequency of its customers’ trips.

Permanent exchanges and refunds up to 3 days before departure

SNCF also promises for June 17 a simplification of its grid. In particular, tickets can no longer be cheaper in first class than in second.

Customers will also see, for each destination, what are the minimum and maximum prices charged by the company.

Should we come back to the all-TGV policy?

Inherited from the health crisis, the possibility of exchanging or getting reimbursed for tickets up to three days before departure is perpetuated.

“I hope that the long-distance train will establish itself as a popular mode of transport, accessible to all, in particular for young people who aspire to travel without damaging the planet”, said SNCF CEO Jean-Pierre Farandou.

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