Sex therapist Ruth Westheimer: How the Nazis killed Dr. Ruth destroyed

BamS sent the bestselling author her previously unknown files and letters about the fate of her loved ones

Photo: Holocaust Museum LA, RICK LOOMIS / NYT / Redux / laif, State Archives Würzburg

The sociologist Ruth Westheimer (92) brought the subject of sex closer to the Americans with her research and humorous nature in more than 450 TV programs (“Ask Dr. Ruth”). The Hessian has lived in New York since 1956 and still speaks English with the Frankfurt tongue.

In November 1938, the Nazis destroyed the happiness of the Jewish Orthodox family. BamS researched various archives in Germany and Switzerland and found documents that the world-famous sex therapist and bestselling author had never known before and forwarded the files to her. Read all the background information about the fate of her family, as Dr. Ruth deals with it today with BILDplus.


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