Russian sports golden girl is criticized for delicate things, fans protect the queen of artistic swimming

Monday, September 27, 2021 19:58 PM (GMT+7)

(Sports news) Russia’s artistic swimming queen on her birthday was criticized by others for her modest first round.

Svetlana Romashina had a memorable 2021 Olympics when she won 2 gold medals in synchronized swimming for the Russian sports delegation, through which she had 7 Olympic gold medals in her career, becoming the most successful athlete of this subject. Upon her return to Russia, she was invited to the Kremlin and received the Order of Alexander Nevsky from President Vladimir Putin.

Romashina and her teammates won gold in synchronized swimming at the 2021 Olympics

Russian sports golden girl is criticized for

Romashina was awarded the Order of Alexander Nevsky by Russian President Vladimir Putin

Entering synchronized swimming at the age of 6, Romashina won 2 world gold medals at the 2005 Swimming Championships at the age of 15. That was just the beginning, she followed with Olympic gold in Beijing 2008 in the team event and successfully defended this championship in all three next Olympics.

At the 2019 World Swimming Championships, she won the 21st world gold of her career, surpassing compatriot Natalia Ishchenko’s record of 19 gold medals.

Romashina deserves to be considered the “Golden Girl” of Russian sports, because she won many gold medals, in fact she has never won any other medal than gold. She has won a total of 43 gold medals in her career and has never won silver or bronze at major tournaments, including 7 Olympic gold medals, 21 World Championship gold medals, 13 European championship gold medals and 2 gold medals at the Olympics. pellets.

Last September 21st was Romashina’s 32nd birthday. She and her husband and daughter have been spending time at the beach and participating in a regatta, though she refuses to let fans know where she is. Thousands of birthday wishes have been sent to her via Instagram, from fans who have followed her for years to other famous athletes.

The Russian sports golden girl was criticized for

Romashina posted a picture of her sailing with her family

However, Romashina seems to have noticed a person suddenly talking nonsense about her first bust. This person wrote: “Bus size 0. But rich! That man was so lucky to have her. When she is poor, no one will look back, but when she is rich and successful, there will be a sea of ​​men clinging to her and not caring what her breasts look like.

Romashina’s attention to this comment made others uncomfortable and rebutted. “This is not a comment, but a brain test with a zero result,” one male fan commented.

While many other female fans praised Svetlana “like a queen” and everyone wants to be like her. The person who wrote the rude comment later had to issue an apology.


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