Russia: Instagram model Polina Murugina threatens jail for naked pose

Polina Murugina is a social media star in Russia: The fully tattooed 24-year-old posts revealing photos on Instagram, where she is followed by thousands of people.

But now Murugina has a lot of trouble on her neck: Because she posed naked in front of the “Church of the Intercession of the Virgin Mary” in Moscow and posted the photo on the Internet, she faces a fine of around 3500 euros – or twelve months in jail! In fact you can see the church in the background, in the foreground the model is only wearing high heels from her backside.

The photo was taken last summer, but was only recently reported to the police. The Instagram model has not yet commented on the campaign, but has taken her account offline on the social media platform for the time being.

In the worst case, Murugina has to go to prison for a yearPhoto: Polina_murugina / TikTok

Recently, the Russian judiciary has repeatedly taken radical action against similar social media photos. It is based on a law that criminalizes the violation of religious feelings. In addition to churches, this also involves state buildings, including the Kremlin.

Just last year, a Moscow court sentenced a couple to ten months in prison for pretending to have oral sex near St. Basil’s Cathedral in Red Square.


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