Rivian: 5 crazy figures of the American manufacturer of electric cars and vans

Posted on Dec. 2021 at 12:20Updated Dec 17. 2021 at 12:21

He is an ambitious new player. While it did not start production until September, the American electric car maker Rivian announced the construction of a second plant in the United States. An investment of $ 5 million which demonstrates the scope of its ambitions.


Rivian will build a new plant in Georgia. It should eventually employ 7,500 jobs and produce 400,000 vehicles each year.

Rivian will also expand its current plant in Illinois to be able to produce 200,000 vehicles per year. In 2017, it bought its old site from Mitsubishi for $ 16 million. In total, therefore, there are 600,000 vehicles that Rivian will be able to produce each year.


This is the number of vehicles produced by Rivian as of December 15. It must be said that the company is still young. Launched in 2009, it unveiled its first model at the end of 2018, the R1t electric pickup. It thus appears as the leading manufacturer on the electric pick-up market.

1.2 billion

Consequence: the group recorded a net loss of 1.2 billion in the third quarter of 2021, for a turnover of 1 million. Rivian also expects production to be a few hundred vehicles lower than its target of 1,200 for 2021.


Rivian can however count on the support of Amazon, one of its investors. The platform has ordered 10,000 vans by 2022 and 100,000 electric vehicles in total by 2030. The first units should be delivered from the end of 2021.

Some 71,000 orders for its pickups and SUVs have also been placed with the company as of December 15.

96 billion

That’s Rivian’s valuation, in dollars. Listed on the stock market on November 10, the company reached a valuation of 120 billion before falling to around 90 billion.

It is currently around 96 billion. More than the big historic car manufacturers such as General Motors, Ford or even Stellantis.

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