Refrigerator model inspired by modern healthy living

Panasonic’s Prime+ Edition refrigerator line is designed to suit high-class interior spaces, integrating advanced features and technologies, for the health of users.

Prime+ Edition refrigerator is the first Panasonic product with a new standard height of 1.89m. Not only is the highlight in the kitchen, bringing a sense of openness, the product also solves the concerns of homeowners who want to own a large-capacity refrigerator but limited kitchen space.

Height optimizes storage space

The size of the maximum allocated space with the same height helps the kitchen to be aesthetically harmonious while optimizing storage space. The design of moving the compressor from the traditional position of the bottom of the cabinet to the top of the cabinet also helps to increase the interior space, taking advantage of the dead corners in traditional cabinets to add more storage space.

With a design that balances functionality and aesthetics, Prime+ Edition offers a wide range of applications, from flexible interior storage compartments with select materials to exterior color combinations to suit a variety of interior styles. different. The design style is minimalist, with a modern and classic impression reflected in the lines throughout the cabinet doors, hinges, handles and components.

Prime + Edition refrigerator generation honors modern kitchen space. Photo: Panasonic

Technology inspires healthy living

The Panasonic representative shared that everyone’s health should be protected and enhanced from daily activities, including each meal. Prime+ Edition converges features and utilities to help protect and improve users’ health through each meal.

Nanoe X cleaning technology: A balanced and nutritious meal needs to be made from clean and safe ingredients. Prime+ Edition refrigerators incorporate advanced nanoe X technology that actively neutralizes bacteria, reduces pesticide residues, and eliminates odors. This technology is capable of releasing up to 4.8 trillion hydroxyl radicals (OH) encased in microscopic nano-sized water particles, allowing them to fly to every nook and cranny, creating an internal air purification system. in the fridge.

Test results of the Kitasato Research Center for Environmental Sciences (RCES – Japan) on September 14, 2017 and January 25, 2018 on Staphylococcus aureus NBRC12732 under test conditions of 400L chamber using nanoe generator. X for 50 minutes (for floating bacteria) and for 12 hours, 5 degrees Celsius (for adherent bacteria) showed that the bacteria inactivation efficiency of nanoe X technology reached 99.99%.


Prime+ Edition refrigerator has a design suitable for many kitchen spaces and is equipped with modern technologies, bringing convenience to users. Photo: Panasonic

New generation Prime Freeze freezing technology: This is a super-fast freezing technology, preventing bacteria from entering food, preventing the destruction of cells, helping to quickly lock nutrients and fresh flavor of food, and help limit food processing. substance, watery after defrosting. Thanks to that, consumers can rest assured that the ingredients are pre-processed first and then frozen, when needed, they only have to be reheated, the food still retains its original flavor, deliciousness and freshness.

Separate Prime Fresh soft freezer compartment: With a large capacity, 61 liters in the 4-wing Prime+ Edition and 41 liters in the 3-wing, 2-wing Prime+ Edition, the Prime Fresh soft freezer compartment helps to store many items of large size. The temperature in the Prime Fresh soft-freezer compartments flexibly varies from 4 degrees Celsius to -5 degrees Celsius, giving users a variety of options depending on their needs, while preserving meat and food keeping its nutrients and flavor. taste up to 7 days. This is also a separate soft-freezer compartment, which can be easily disassembled for cleaning, avoiding odors and cross-contamination, and saving energy.


Separate Prime Fresh soft freezer compartment, large capacity keeps food fresh for 7 days, convenient to cook immediately without defrosting. Photo: Panasonic

The Panasonic Prime+ Edition refrigerator series also integrates many utilities to provide many user experiences such as automatic ice making, antibacterial and deodorizing foreign water, Fresh Safe vegetable compartment with a humidity control filter of up to 90% or more. Smart power saving function with 5 types of Econavi and Inverter sensors.

With a variety of models, capacities, designs and prices, the Prime + Edition refrigerator line is expected by Panansonic to quickly conquer consumers. Prime+ Edition is available now in 4-bladed NR-YW590YHHV, NR-YW590YMMV, NR-CW530XMMV, NR-CW530XHHV 3-winged with titanium matte glass and high-grade black mirror for multi-generation families, and NR-BW530XMMV 2 wings, suitable for small family.

Prime+ Edition refrigerator has automatic ice making function.  Photo: Panasonic

Prime+ Edition refrigerator has automatic ice making function. Photo: Panasonic

The birth of Prime + Edition refrigerators marks an impressive innovation, changing the design standards of refrigerators of previous periods, gradually perfecting the Vietnamese experience in the modern kitchen space. Panasonic representative confirmed.

Hoang Anh


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