RB Leipzig versus Liverpool: Gulacsi has a home game in Budapest

Peter Gulacsi is the undisputed number one at RBPhoto: picture alliance / ZB

While Leipzig regards the home game in Budapest (Hungary) in the Champions League tomorrow (9 p.m.) against Liverpool as an away game, for Peter Gulacsi (30) it is the dream duel in his second living room.

The RB goalkeeper is not only from Budapest and lived there until 2007, but also played for Liverpool! The national player moved from his home country to the U18 of the “Reds”. Gulacsi, who was under contract with the LFC until 2013, was part of the professional squad more than 50 times. But it was never used. Now it’s time with RB against his old love!

Gulacsi: “I’m looking forward to the two duels. Still, I have only one goal: to advance one lap! It’s not about me and my six years in Liverpool, but about the success of RB Leipzig. “For this, the bulls have to deal with the dangerous storm trio around Sadio Mané (28), Roberto Firmino (29) and Mohamed Salah (28) to stop. Gulacsi: “We have to defend this as a collective. You can’t stop them alone. If you give the three of them time and space, they are brutal. “

Curious: the goalkeeper hardly knows any players from his time with the “Reds” from the Liverpool squad. Gulacsi: “Only Jordan Henderson was already there. I know more players from Salzburg and Leipzig who are now playing there (laughs). “


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