Raid against human traffickers: Here a fake father learns that he has been blown

Berlin – Armin G. * (42) still can’t believe what the hooded federal police officers have just pressed into his hand: It’s his arrest warrant!

The officers had previously located the man in his room in an accommodation in Mahlsdorf. G. is one of 18 suspicious men whom the investigators accuse of bogus paternity.

Baby Fraud Raid!

On Wednesday morning, 650 federal police officers stormed 38 apartments in Berlin and one accommodation each in Potsdam, Spremberg and Sondershausen (Thuringia). Federal police spokesman Maik Fischer: “It is about the suspicion of commercial smuggling through the mediation of bogus paternity.” In addition to the German men, the investigation is also directed against 23 Vietnamese women.

Emergency services on Wednesday morning in Berlin-Lichtenberg

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The accusation: In order to give women legal opportunity to stay in Germany through their children, the men are said to have pretended to be the biological fathers of the children in exchange for money (between 3,000 and 6,000 euros).

“The men mostly come from the homeless, drinking or drug milieu. Some of them are mentally ill and have a significant criminal record, “says one of the investigators. They come mainly from the east of the city, Lichtenberg, Marzahn-Hellersdorf. The mediators charge between 5,000 and 10,000 euros from the mothers, who mostly enter Germany illegally and pregnant. “The difference is profit,” the investigator continued.

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650 emergency services were involved

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The searches were preceded by investigations in November last year. Back then in focus: The Berlin “godmother” (52, Vietnamese) of the internationally operating baby gang. She is said to have mediated fake paternity in at least 36 cases. The investigators were able to secure their cell phone – a treasure trove of data for the investigators. According to BILD information, several notaries from Berlin and Brandenburg are also being investigated in connection with the raid – they are said to have certified the paternity that was bought.

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Federal police escort the alleged perpetrator to the emergency vehicle. He is brought before a judge

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“There is little more perfidious than human trafficking, because here people’s need and helplessness are ruthlessly exploited and one enriches oneself from the misery of others,” said Benjamin Jendro of the Police Union (GdP).

* Name changed


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