Pretend a male voice to trick your best friendship

ChinaUsing the account of his cousin living in France, Tieu Van, 28 years old, used a voice changer to trick his best friend into ‘sticking’ with the love net for profit.

The Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department has uncovered a rare online fraud, in which the suspect is a close friend of the victim.

Tieu Van has a colleague named Tieu Can who is as close as a sister. Knowing Tieu Can is still single, Tieu Van introduced her cousin living in France to this girl. In March 2018, Tieu Van helped his cousin open a Wechat account (a mobile application that allows users to chat with video, audio or text directly on the smartphone) to easily communicate with colleagues. However, after a few conversations, Tieu Can felt unsuitable and stopped contacting.

Tieu Van after being arrested by the police for cheating on his best friend’s friendship. Image: ycwb.

From that moment on, Tieu Van changed his cousin’s password of wechat account and then continued to chat with Tieu Can by himself by texting everyday. With a sweet way of talking and understanding women’s psychology, Tieu Can gradually falls in love with “cousin”, not long after confirming her love relationship.

During the time of online love, Tieu Can many times requested to meet his “cousin” and talk via video but all accepted the refusal. The reason given by the opponent is “If you look at your face, your emotions will fade”.

After many months, afraid that Xiao Can is depressed, Tieu Van changes her tactics, she accepts to talk directly with her “lover” by using a voice changer, from a female voice to a male one. Sometimes I also send some “selfie” photos taken from my cousin’s personal page to prove my love for Tieu Can.

Tieu Van voice changer is used to change the voice of a girl into a boy.  Photo: ycwb.

Tieu Van voice changer is used to change the voice of a girl into a boy. Image: ycwb.

In this way, after the relationship was stable, Tieu Van gradually borrowed a large amount of money from Tieu Can. Sometimes, because of the medical examination, sometimes the car broke down without a salary … To increase the trust of the opponent, Tieu Van even mentioned getting married at the end of 2019. However, the reason is In epidemic Covid-19 could not return to China, Tieu Van repeatedly delayed the wedding, causing Tieu Can to suspect.

Feeling that the opponent’s behavior was not normal and that the marriage was just “fiction”, Tieu Can reported to the police.

When he was arrested, Tieu Van claimed that from March 2018 up to now, he has used a voice changer to impersonate his cousin. In the name of someone else, she tricked her girlfriend 500,000 yuan (1.8 billion dong), mainly loaded up with gaming cards and made personal purchases. Knowing that the scammer was a close friend, Tieu Can was very depressed. This girl said that she always had a close relationship with Tieu Van, confided in love and asked her to be a bridesmaid on her wedding day. “Unexpectedly I believed the wrong person,” she said.

Vy Trang (According to the huanquiu)


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