Parties and ignorance – this is how English people protest against corona rules

Insane pictures from England!

Because of the rapidly increasing corona infections, people in England have only been allowed out of the house for good reason since Thursday.

This means: During the partial lockdown, pubs, restaurants, cultural venues, sports centers and leisure facilities will be closed until December 2nd. Trade is restricted: only supermarkets and other shops classified as necessary are allowed to offer goods.

But shortly before the partial lockdown came into effect, the police had to make every effort to prevent excessive celebrations. Protests broke out in some cities.

More than 100 people have now been arrested in LondonPhoto: HENRY NICHOLLS / Reuters

The police forces are trying to join forces to get the situation under control

The police forces are trying to join forces to get the situation under controlPhoto: Aaron Chown / dpa

The British police in London have now arrested 104 people for violating the new lockdown requirements.

Further arrests are to be expected, as the deployment of the officers continues into the night, the police said. A crowd gathered in the center of the British capital and dangerously ignored the new contact restrictions

In Merseyside in North West England, fireworks were even attacked on Wednesday evening.

There was a lot of celebration in many English cities. Crowds thronged the streets, many partiers were drunk. “It’s like New Year’s Eve here,” said a man. There was a mass brawl in southern England; several people were arrested by Sussex police.

The new contact restrictions cannot be compared to the first lockdown in spring. For example, outdoor sports are allowed and schools remain open. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have their own pandemic rules. In the past, public life was largely shut down there for a limited period of time.

In the past two weeks, Great Britain with its 68 million inhabitants counted around 465 cases per 100,000 people, according to the EU epidemic agency ECDC. The highest warning level now applies to the national health service NHS. You are heading for a “serious situation”, said NHS England boss Simon Stevens the BBC.

Prime Minister Johnson is accused of being late and wrong in responding to the pandemic. He acknowledged shortcomings in the test system and in the follow-up. His government is now placing high hopes on rapid tests: a pilot project is to start on Friday in Liverpool in which rapid tests are to be offered to all citizens.


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