Open letter from an annoyed restaurateur to Bruno Le Maire, Minister of the Economy

Dear Bruno, oh you my dear Minister of the Economy,

I am delighted that your administration finally realized that with 1,500 bales per month a company with 5 or 45 employees closed administratively would have difficulty in spending the winter.

Yet when I hear you repeat in the media that “The State will not let anyone down, will support each entrepreneur in difficulty, that the solidarity fund will be increased from 1,500 to 10,000 € for all those who are administratively closed”, I confess that I am not completely reassured.

As a large part of the French and a minority of workers swallow your ads without going to check the eligibility principles for this solidarity fund and think that like many other bosses, I am digging deep into it thanks to the largesse of the ‘State, I would like you to remind them that in order to access this device as the old one, it is important not to run a company with more than 50 employees.

With 57 employees to date, I have unfortunately exceeded the fateful threshold of “50” where without being able to access your system, you see the amount of your contributions increase, your social or security obligations increase or even training of your employees no longer be reimbursed.

Without you saying it, we understood that in this country, which claims to support better than any other its citizens and its businesses in uncertain times, it is still not good to be the employer who has bitten on the red line of “50”.

If our employees benefit from partial unemployment and URSSAF exempts us from employer contributions and henceforth employee contributions during periods of administrative closure, commercial rents continue to run, repayments of our loans that the banks do not postpone free of charge fall monthly and the icing on the cake we should pay during the next holidays without even the guarantee of being open, a week of paid leave acquired by our employees during the last confinement while the latter were compensated by the DIRRECTE.

Without wanting to appear to you as a killjoy before the end of the year holidays, I would like you to stop gargling just like our President who promptly read his teleprompter beat us on March 16 “That no company whatever its size will be left at the risk of bankruptcy”.

I admit, last summer I was able to benefit from a PGE loan of one million euros guaranteed by the State and be saved in extremis from an announced bankruptcy. But with between 50 and 100,000 € of financial needs per month to meet my deadlines since the first administrative closure, this dike money is melting like snow in the sun and you know very well that one day or another will have to start pay it back and that’s what scares me. If this almost magic money will make it possible to hold out until the end of the year, the forecasts of business failures for the first half of 2021 are shivering.

In order to avoid requesting a new PGE loan to repay the maturities of the first loan guaranteed by the State, I would be grateful if you first told the president to stop clamoring by hill and dale that the State m ‘help to “Pass this difficult moment with the lowest impact on my activity” and secondly to review the criteria for accessing your solidarity fund so as not to leave companies that have been unfortunate enough to exceed 50 by the side of the road.

A clear answer on this last point before the end of the week will not be a luxury.

Good work

Xavier restorer of the Republic

Long live France and long live the Republic!

Open letter from an annoyed restaurateur to Elisabeth Borne, Minister of Labor

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