Omikron hotspot: That’s why the corona numbers are exploding in Schleswig-Holstein

Omikron alarm in Schleswig-Holstein!

The RKI dashboard reported 2219 new infections on Monday evening (3.1) for the state. Especially in the Dithmarschen district, the corona numbers are exploding – this is due to the highly contagious omicron variant.

Schleswig-Holstein actually had the lowest incidences in the Federal Republic for a long time. But that’s over: Dithmarschen exceeded the 600 mark on Sunday! Ascending trend. The latest figures from Monday show an incidence of 635.6. This moves Dithmarschen to second place in the current corona hotspot districts in Germany. Only the Ilm district in Thuringia has more with 644.8.

Who was infected with Corona?

The district health office in Heide recorded 1046 acute cases of infection for the district of Dithmarschen on January 3rd.

People between the ages of 15 and 34 are particularly affected. 618 Dithmarschers with an acute infection fall into this age group, i.e. almost 60 percent. Children under four years of age and seniors over 80 have hardly been affected so far.

Unvaccinated people in particular became infected – their share is currently 62.4 percent. Fortunately, the number of Covid patients in the hospital is still very low.

How could that happen?

Although there were nationwide contact restrictions over Christmas and the population was appealed to if possible to stay at home, this explosive wave of infections occurred. But why?

In the district administration it is suspected that a disco event in the well-known “Dithmarschenhalle” in Meldorf turned into a superspreader event.

Around 900 people celebrated there on the fourth weekend of Advent. It is true that 2G-plus applied that evening and the organizer also fully documented the admission and hygiene concept. But infected people are often contagious for up to two days before the virus can be detected in a rapid test.

A party with several hundred guests took place in Pahlen on Christmas Day in the “Pahlazzo”. There are now the first corona cases among them.

These are the consequences

Thousands of people are currently in quarantine, stricter corona rules apply in Schleswig-Holstein and the tense situation is also noticeable in the health system.

Treatments that have already been planned in the clinics have to be postponed due to staff shortages and a special Covid station has been set up again. Long queues form at the corona test stations, as all contact persons for those currently infected should also be tested.

Map: Corona vaccination monitoring in the federal states - infographic

Stricter corona rules in Schleswig-Holstein

To contain the coronavirus, stricter protective measures have been in force in Schleswig-Holstein since January 4th. In particular, there are restrictions on contacts and events.

► For events, the number of participants is limited to a maximum of 50 indoors and 100 outdoors. Up to now, a maximum of 1000 was the limit at half capacity. The contact restriction for vaccinated or convalescent people to a maximum of ten people no longer only applies in the home, but also in public spaces.

► Dance events must now generally be reported to the authorities. In order to comply with the 2G-plus rule in discos and bars, in future only one PCR test will apply, which must not be older than 24 hours.

In nursing and integration facilities, visitors must wear FFP2 masks.


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