Office slows down village demo: For 90 years, residents have been calling for a bypass

Greiz – The 130 demonstrators from Großebersdorf had imagined it very differently. Yesterday they wanted to occupy the B 175 for an hour to draw attention to the horror situation in their place.


The protesters had to squeeze into a parking lot behind a barrier tape while the trucks pounded by on the main road. District mayor Arnd Goldhardt (65): “It was not possible to intervene in traffic, I was told. Otherwise I would have one foot in jail. “

This was communicated to him in the district office in a group of twelve from the regulatory authority, police and hygiene office before the demo. Goldhardt: “We sat together for two hours and in the end there was just this lazy compromise.”

Meanwhile, the trucks thundered over the B 175

Photo: Jacob Schröter

So the police arrived on Thursday with six emergency vehicles, set up cones and meticulously made sure that no protesters came onto the main road.

Background: The Großebersdorfer have been calling for a bypass for almost 90 years, but the project is repeatedly postponed. Up to 14,000 cars now thunder through the village every day. Most recently, the start of construction was planned for 2024, but was again delayed by at least two years.

Goldhardt: “We will continue with our protests until the bypass comes. “

It is definitely enough for the residents. The first demonstration was just a beginning.


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