NRW: Corona tests have not yet arrived at all schools

Düsseldorf – Should the one week of distance lesson after the Easter break be used to hide the fact that there are not enough test kits for all 2.5 million students in North Rhine-Westphalia? At least that’s what the opposition has been suspecting for days.

On the other hand, when asked by BILD, the Ministry of Education said: “The state government assumes a weekly requirement of 5.5 million tests with two weekly tests for the school sector. The corresponding test capacity for the next few weeks has been ordered and will be available to the schools. “

As far as this week is concerned, the school minister Yvonne Gebauer (54, FDP) points out that the pupils of the final year classes “as planned” could prepare for the upcoming exams with their teachers in attendance, so of course test themselves in school can.

The children and adolescents who take part in childcare at elementary and special schools would also be tested twice this week. Likewise the staff. According to the ministry, the tests were “with a few exceptions”, for which no one could be reached on site, “or they are currently being delivered so that tests can be carried out this week”.

How things will continue next week and whether there will be a transition to alternate classes is still open. Gebauer said on the radio that the infection rate had “changed dramatically” in the past few days.

According to the Philology Association of North Rhine-Westphalia, some high school graduates have canceled classroom classes because they did not want to risk becoming infected or having to go into quarantine during the exams. It is annoying that the tests are still being squeezed by the valuable teaching time, they should be carried out beforehand and by trained people.

Since Monday, all students in North Rhine-Westphalia have had to do a Corona self-test twice a week. Those who refuse are not allowed to come into the classrooms. This also applies to the pupils in emergency care. An exception is made for the current test subjects: They can learn in presence mode without a self-test, and are then separated from the tested classmates.


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