Now this special feature of WhatsApp will also be available on Telegram, know how will work

Due to the privacy policy of WhatsApp, many users have now started using other messaging apps. Most users have grown on Telegram. Millions of users have now switched over to Telegram. In view of this, Telegram is also bringing new features for its users. Now a feature similar to Whatsapp is coming on Telegram. The purpose of this feature is to increase the user experience and provide a better messaging platform. Let me tell you that soon the option of group video call will also be added to Telegram.

According to a report revealed in Yahoo Finance, Telegram CEO Pavel Durov has announced that the iOS version of Telegram will support group video calls. The company can roll out this feature from next month. Let us know that this feature was to be launched only last year.

It has been said in the report that Durov has given this information through text message. He posted this post on his official telegram channel. In which it is written that video dimensions will be added to voice chat in May. This new feature will make Telegram Group a good platform for video calls.

Let us tell you that in this group video call, screen sharing, encryption, noise cancellation, tablet support and desktop will be everything. That is, now you will get all the features of modern video conferencing on Telegram too. All these features will be available with Telegram-level UI, speed and encryption.

So far Telegram gives end-to-end encryption in one-to-one video calls but now it will also give end-to-end encryption in incoming group video calls. Let us tell you that many more very special features have been given in Telegram. Features like chat folder, support for stickers, search. These features make the chatting experience of users fantastic.

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