New year wall painting pattern for each indoor space

You can renovate your home to welcome spring by repainting the living room, bedroom, kitchen, for a fresh and new living space.

At the end of the year, most Vietnamese families have the habit of repainting their homes. However, after a turbulent year, finance is becoming a difficult problem for many households. But not so that you ignore refreshing walls, because this is an effective way to make the space look fresh and clean.

In order to support consumers to have a new space at a reasonable cost, at the end of 2020, Jotun brand officially launched the interior paint line Essence Maximum Coverage with a number of incentive programs for customers. . Here are three interior spaces where you can use this paint.

Living room

The living room is seen by many as the face of the house. This is the place that is used the most every spring. Painting new living room not only creates a positive energy to welcome you every time you return home, but also gives visitors a good impression of the home.

In a house, the living room is usually preferred for the largest area. You can choose the “minimalism” style to increase the spacious feeling of the space but still fully meet the needs.

You can choose from two different paint colors including a main color and an accent paint color to make the room more subtle and vivid instead of boring by just one color gamut.

The living room has a minimalist style, even though the large space does not cost you too much. Photo: Jotun Vietnam.


If the living room is an open, shared living space, the bedroom is a private room. The bedroom plays an important role in the task of bringing relaxation, peace and restoring energy to the homeowner after a busy working day.

This is also a space that “encourages” the color association of objects as well as decorations with the walls. It is possible to choose a gentle color for the walls to create a relaxing space.

Because the bedroom is a space that you will use about 8 hours – 1/3 of the day, so priority should be given to paints that do not contain harmful chemicals or heavy metals. Essence Maximum Coverage in particular and other products of Jotun brand in general meet this requirement, in order to help you have a fresh space, improve the quality of sleep as well as protect each health. day.


The bedroom with gentle colors creates a relaxing feeling for the homeowner. Image: Jotun Vietnam.


Many architects say, the living room is the face, the bedroom is the brain and the kitchen is the heart of the entire house. In the mind of Vietnamese, the kitchen shows the quality of life of the whole family. The prerequisite factor to create a beautiful kitchen is a neat, clean and tidy kitchen.

Stains in the kitchen are always the haunt of housewives. A coat of Essence Maximum Coverage will help remove traces of stains. In addition, you can use a damp cloth to wipe away stains on the walls covered with this paint, whether it’s tough stains like grease, food stains or color stains of your child. young…

You can choose a paint color of fresh pastel colors to balance with the uncomfortable heat when you turn on the stove. A clean and beautiful kitchen will bring a more joyful and cozy spirit, making family meals more complete.

Fresh colors and easy-to-clean paint are top priorities for kitchen spaces.  Photo: Jotun Vietnam.

Fresh colors and easy-to-clean paint are top priorities for kitchen spaces. Image: Jotun Vietnam.

According to the manufacturer’s representative, with the commitment to “maximum coverage after only two coats”, Essence Max Covering interior paint product possesses outstanding high coverage, not only helping the construction process quickly. Easy, but also cost-optimized with satisfying results.

One of the other advantages of this paint that families pay attention to is its good spreading ability. Contains a Jotun-enhanced thickener, Maximum Cover Essence quickly spreads evenly across the surface of walls, creating vivid and smooth color effects for the overall living space.

The paint line has two types for glossy and matte surfaces, to fully meet the needs and artistic personality of the family.

The duo of Essence Maximum Coverage for glossy and matte surfaces makes homeowners feel creative.  Photo: Jotun.

The duo of Essence Maximum Coverage for glossy and matte surfaces makes homeowners feel creative. Image: Jotun.

In order to make it easier for homeowners to consider financially when deciding to paint and repair their year-end nest, Jotun launches a special promotion program for all customers nationwide when choosing paint products. Interior Essence Maximum Coverage.

Specifically, from now to the end of January 29, 2021, customers who buy a 15-liter box or three 5-liter cans of Essence Max Covering interior paint products will receive an instant 5 liter of Essence Anti-Alkaline Primer. Promotional information is posted directly on Essence Maximum Coverage packages. Customers can contact Jotun paint dealers for more information about the promotion. Find Jotun’s official dealers here.

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