New ways because of Corona: From cosmetics to cookies | Regional

Saarlouis – “Giving up is out of the question for us!” Says Ilka Sünder (52).

Together with her husband Thorsten (42), she has just founded a new company: “Big Cookies!” Bake and sell cookies. That wouldn’t be anything special, but the Sünders have a sad history: They just had to close their first joint project, a cosmetics institute, because of the corona pandemic.

“We were so happy, on October 1st, 2019 our dream came true and we opened our institute for cosmetics, hypnosis and mental coaching,” says Ilka. It also got off to a good start, the appointments were quickly almost fully booked – but then Corona came!

The cookies come in many bright colors and flavors

Photo: Thomas Wieck

“We had to close with a heavy heart,” says Thorsten. But the two had to reinvent themselves more than once in their lives. Ilka was self-employed for decades and ran a construction company, worked as a draftsman, kitchen saleswoman and specialist beautician. Thorsten is also endowed with a lot of experience. Among other things as a carpenter, soldier and driving instructor with his own driving school.

“You can’t bury your head in the sand,” says Ilka. Since the couple love to bake, they came up with the idea of ​​cookies. “We ordered specimens from the USA or Austria, but they weren’t the best,” they say.

According to the motto “biscuits instead of cosmetics”, they are now selling cookies. All handmade, with a production facility in Bous. “We have even registered our own patents for recipes and production,” says Thorsten. And both have received further training from the Chamber of Crafts so that they can also bake.

“Now there are just more customers missing, but things are going well,” laughs the two of them. Hopefully they don’t have to reinvent themselves again.


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