Neighbor terror from Lübbecke: Now also rotten meat on the garden fence

Luebbecke – The stinking broth seeped into the garden under the fence. Shortly afterwards, four smirking people left the scene.

The unprecedented neighbor terror of Lübbecke continues! Now Andrea L. (51) and Peter W. (55) have to endure the infernal stench of rotten meat. “They dumped a bucket with several pounds of spoiled poultry meat right on the fence. The smell was unbearable, ”says Andrea L. The entrepreneur immediately informed the authorities.

Andrea L. (51) and Peter W. (55) in their garden, which they can hardly use because of the terror next door

Photo: Oliver Krato

Not for the first time! For almost five years she and her husband have been maliciously terrorized by family and friends of neighbor Bilal B. (4). They recorded over 2000 incidents (!) In long lists.

Sometimes dead cats flew into the garden, several times the fence and garden shed were demolished. Then eggs hit the wall of the house, New Year’s Eve rockets hissed horizontally on the terrace, cars were scratched, oriental sounds boomed from boxes, a lump of earth hit the son (22) on the head while mowering the lawn. And and and …

Teaser picture

A surveillance camera recorded a dead cat being thrown over the fence

Photo: private

All of this is documented with photos and videos from ten surveillance cameras. The neighbor was sentenced several times for insult, damage to property, bodily harm or for omission.

Nothing has changed. Andrea L: “Just recently, a friend of the neighbors attacked our son with a belt. He had to flee. “

Teaser picture

Demolished fence, soiled garden shed, paint bucket: this is how a good married couple in Lübbecke has been terrorized for almost five years

Photo: private

The terror started in the summer of 2016. The couple had complained that the neighbour’s sons were bolting against the wooden fence with a soccer ball. The day after, the fence was in ruins.

“Insults, attacks and threats are part of everyday life for us,” says Peter W. sadly. The couple usually only leaves the house with a body cam – for self-protection.

The neighbor has now also upgraded and installed cameras. To be continued for sure!


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