Nearly 900 Tet gifts for the lonely elderly and disadvantaged children

Nearly 900 gifts have been given by Grab and Hope Fund to hundreds of lonely old people and disadvantaged children in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.

Elderly people warmly anchored with Tet gifts

Hearing that there is a volunteer group giving gifts to the lonely elderly at the HCM City Blind Association on February 2, Ms. Minh Giang (70 years old, Binh Thanh district) is very happy. She chose the newest shirt that had just been given by her relatives to the destination early.

Can’t see the light, how many kilometers from home to the place to give the gift, but the road seems to shorten when there are many young people talking on the bus. “It’s been a long time since I went to receive Tet gifts in such a warm, crowded atmosphere,” said Ms. Giang.

Ms. Giang was fascinated, smiling happily and said that this was the first gift she received this Tet. She is happy because she does not worry about lack of rice, has lucky money to buy shirts and sandals thanks to the program “Together with Grab, giving a full Tet”.

The 70-year-old should have been at peace with her descendants, but Ms. Giang bravely sold lottery tickets to support herself. Eyes with no light more than 30 years ago, she struggled to make a living because she had no place to rely. “In the new year, I do not wish to be healthier. We have a little more gifts, people come to play for a spring atmosphere,” she said.

Ms. Giang was brought to the car by the Grab volunteers to leave after receiving the gifts.

From 6am, Uncle Huu Hard (70 years old) was transported by a neighbor from Cu Chi district to District Mot, Ho Chi Minh City to receive gifts. I feel warm, not afraid of distant roads when I know that I have a full Tet thanks to the program.

Like Ms. Giang, Uncle Hard lived alone, without seeing light for more than 45 years. Elderly, sick, I stopped selling lottery tickets 6 years ago. Living expenses thanks to social benefits. In his old age, he became more and more aware of the human love that existed when his neighbors helped him. Many good families support him to celebrate Tet. “I do not dream for myself, but I pray to quickly stop the translation so that the people can save their hardship”, said Mr. Hard.

Uncle Hard received lucky money and good health on Tet.

Uncle Hard received lucky money and good health on Tet.

As one of the oldest to receive gifts, Ms. Anh Nguyet (84 years old, Go Vap) did not hide her joy. “Each age can come here, feel the joy of many brothers and sisters that she has a strong motivation to live a few more years,” Ms. Nguyet said.

Welcoming Tet in full is not only the happiness of Ms. Giang, Ms. Nguyet, and Uncle Hard, but also the joy of more than 350 lonely old people in HCMC Association of the Blind. The gifts from the heart, the sharing partly helps the elderly to live happily. Gifts given, smiles back, health wishes from Grab and the Hope Fund for aunts to feel that human love always exists.

Children cheered happily when receiving lucky money and new clothes

For the elderly, the new age pray to live healthy and lucid to feel the spring air. And children just wish to receive lucky money, wear new clothes, nice toys … That is also the dream of nearly 100 children at La Vang Shelter (Tan Phu district).

Joining hands with Mr. Chanh (the home builder) to realize their dreams, the program gives the children many practical gifts such as lucky money, rice and some other necessities.

Nervously waiting to receive gifts, some children are eager not to take a nap. Joy is evident on the face of Tan Thi (aged 8) when there will be more beautiful clothes to visit her mother in her hometown – something she has been looking forward to throughout the year. Because her mother worked away from home and her family was in a difficult situation, she sent her to a home thanks to her nurturing.

Minh Sang (7 years old) happily received the lucky money and showed it to his friends. The boy wished Father Chanh bought a toy car as a gift for his new age. Outside the street, the spring atmosphere was bustling, making Minh Sang a heartache. She hopes to wear a new shirt, go to the Tet market with her father and siblings in the home.

Minh Sang (left) and Tan Thi (right) eagerly accepted the lucky money.

Minh Sang (left) and Tan Thi (right) eagerly accepted the lucky money.

Many children shouted happily when they received red and green lucky money – the first Tet gift given by the volunteer group. Receiving gifts, Minh Anh baby thanked him troubledly and promised to obey, study well. Every year, the home is bustling with entertainment activities, games, and New Year wishes … Thanks to that, despite the lack of parents’ love, the children are always filled with love from the family.

Minh Anh baby held a gift bag from Grab representative.

Minh Anh baby held a gift bag from Grab representative.

“With Grab joining hands, giving full Tet” received the positive support from the community, within 3 weeks of raising more than 400 million VND from the Hope Fund (operated by VnExpress and FPT Corporation), Grab and users.

The program awarded nearly 500 gifts including necessities, lucky money … to the lonely elderly in the Ho Chi Minh City Association of the Blind and the young at La Vang Shelter on February 2. 400 disadvantaged children in Hanoi also received Tet gifts from the program from January 22. The gifts add joy, laughter to the new spring, aunts, children feel spring full of love and beauty.

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Image: Huu Khoa


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