Murder of Sarah Everard († 33): London’s police have been criticized for being used in vigil

Shock and sadness turn into anger!

After the murder of Sarah Everard, 33, hundreds of people held a vigil in London on Saturday night. Everard was abducted on the way home on the evening of March 3rd. Days later, the police found body parts in a forest. The case had sparked a debate about women’s safety.

At the memorial event, attempts by the police to dissolve the meeting, which was not approved because of the corona restrictions, triggered a wave of criticism.

Footage showed police handcuffing several vigil participants in a park in the Clapham neighborhood. Numerous politicians criticized the tough approach in the online networks.

Opposition leader Keir Starmer wrote on Twitter: “The scenes in Clapham tonight are deeply disturbing. Women came together to mourn Sarah Everard. You should have done this peacefully. I share their anger and dismay at how this was handled. That was not the right way to monitor this protest. “

Conservative MP Steve Baker also spoke of “unspeakable scenes” and called on British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to “change the lockdown law now”.

Meanwhile, the pressure on the London police is growing: The chairman of the Liberal Democrats, Ed Davey, called for the resignation of the chief of police of the Metropolitan Police, Cressida Dick. You have “lost the trust of millions of women in London,” said the politician. British Home Secretary Priti Patel and London Mayor Sadiq Khan said they had asked the police to explain what they were doing.

The London Metropolitan Police is heavily criticized after the deploymentPhoto: Victoria Jones / dpa

Duchess Kate also lays flowers

The organizers of the vigil had canceled the event because the police had banned it due to the corona restrictions. Hundreds, however, broke the ban and came to the park anyway.

The protesters shouted “Shame on you” at the police, implying that 48-year-old elite police officer Wayne Couzens is officially charged with the murder of the young woman.

Hundreds of people gathered at Clapham Common Park to remember the dead

Hundreds of people gathered at Clapham Common Park to remember the deadPhoto: Victoria Jones / AP

Duchess Kate (39) also visited the memorial site at Clapham Common Park on Saturday to express her condolences. She reportedly put down daffodils. From palace circles it was said that Kate wanted to show respect for the murder victim and her family. She also remembered what it felt like to walk alone through London at night before her wedding to Prince William, 38.

Videos circulated on social media on Saturday showed Kate pausing in front of the flowers. She was wearing an olive green jacket. Apparently she had come without any bodyguards.

The official, who belongs to a unit for the protection of parliamentarians and diplomats, was arrested last Tuesday on suspicion of kidnapping.

The murder suspicion against him was later confirmed. He is also accused of indecent exposure.

Wayne Couzens is said to have kidnapped Sarah Everard on her way home and then killed her

Wayne Couzens is said to have kidnapped Sarah Everard on her way home and then killed herPhoto: Kent Messenger / SWNS

After the body parts were found in a wooded area in the county of Kent in south-east England, the British police had confirmed that it was the missing Sarah Everard.

Everard had left a friend’s apartment in Clapham on the evening of March 3 and never got home. The woman’s disappearance and the search that followed shocked and moved the whole country.


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