Millionaire (Radebeul): At 21, he began to forge Lacoste polos

Radebeul – He is one of the 250 rich in Saxony’s millionaire city Radebeul, owns more than 800 rental apartments in the Free State in addition to Palais in the Elbe Valley, Chemnitz and South Africa: multimillionaire Oliver Kreider (54)!

Now the man, in whose “Friedensburg” over the Elbe valley, Nino de Angelo (56) was shooting his new music video, reveals details from his life for the first time in an autobiography “Oliver Kreider: I have a bang”.

Kreider, who was born in Bürstadt in Hesse, has a population of 16,000: “Even as a fitter at Mercedes, when I was 21 I was selling polo shirts on the side.”

But not just random ones, they were self-made “branded shirts” with the famous crocodile (Lacoste).

Oliver Kreider

Photo: Dirk Sukow

Kreider: “I bought the shirts in all colors from S to XXXL at a low price from a dealer and had my grandmother embroider them with the crocodiles I bought in Turkey. The innocent brand pirate, to whom I paid 7.50 DM an hour, asked me why everyone was suddenly keen on crocodiles … “

But how did he get to Saxony?

“On October 23, 1989, I borrowed a brand new S-Class and took a spin in the wild east. A tire burst at Karl-Marx-Stadt – the start of a career as a soldier of fortune! “

He made his first million by selling used cars, cheap watches and slot machines. The great wealth came with real estate deals.

Today there are Porsche, Maybach and Rolls-Royce convertibles in his garages. An original Formula 1 car from Heinz-Harald Frentzen even hangs on the wall – as a room decoration. And all of his palaces are adorned with the words “OK – The One and Only”!

Kreider, who already flies in the Learjet to business meetings, still has a lot to do: “True to my motto: Take care of yourself …!”


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