Michael Diestel: Trial burst for the fourth time

Neubrandenburg – The last GDR interior minister did not come again. For the fourth time already.

Before the regional court, Peter-Michael Diestel (68) from Zislow should appear on Wednesday as a defendant. His ex-law firm partner, lawyer Mario Genth (35) from Werder, demands 300,000 euros from him (Az: 4 O 168/18).

Genth was associated with Diestel first as a freelancer (2015), then as a co-partner (2016-2017) in a GbR. He is now demanding the high sum from this time, including for allegedly unpaid profit withdrawals and the compensation for his share in the company (had shares for 150,000 euros).

But like three times in the previous year (August 12, September 2, November 4), there was no negotiation. Always at the request of the Diestel website. Sometimes she asked for a move because of the holidays, then because of new pleadings. At appointment three, Diestel called in sick, now his lawyer.

Judge Christian Weidlich immediately set a new date: April 21. Will Diestel appear? Yesterday he said to BILD on the phone: “I don’t know what my lawyer has. But I am pleased that BILD is interested in the process and will continue to report on it. “


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