Melting glaciers: mountaineers find jewels on Mont Blanc

Usually, when you mountaineering you are rewarded with a breathtaking view. In 2013 a person climbed Mount Blanc (the highest mountain in Europe at 4807.73 meters) – and found jewels!

The honest finder gave the precious stones to the authorities. And it now stipulated that he or she may keep half of it because the actual owner of the emeralds and sapphires could not be determined. Value: 75,000 euros, reports “CNN”.

The other half is kept by the community and will be exhibited at the Chamonix Crystal Museum, which is expected to reopen on December 19th after a renovation.

The stones were examined and their value determinedPhoto: Chamonix-Mont-Blanc / Facebook

But where do the jewels come from that emerged when the glacier melted?

They were on an airplane. The “Kanchenjunga”, an Air India Boeing 707, crashed into Mount Blanc in 1966. 117 people died. Among them: The “father” of India’s nuclear industry, Homi Bhabha.

As early as 1950, another Air India plane crashed in the same area, the “Malabar Princess”. 48 people were killed in this accident.

Remains of the two planes keep appearing. In July 2020, the melting glacier released some 1966 newspapers. One of them was the edition of the “India’s National Herald” of January 20, 1966. It announced the election of Indira Gandhi as the first female Prime Minister …


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