Mayweather transfers to strippers 5 million USD: Paying a heavy price for romance

Sunday, August 29, 2021 19:06 PM (GMT+7)

(Sports news, behind-the-scenes news) Despite spending up to 5 million USD (more than 113 billion VND) to make up with the stripper, Floyd Mayweather’s money did not solve the problem.

Floyd Mayweather is the first person in martial arts history to own a fortune of up to $ 1 billion. With the huge amount of money mentioned above, it is not surprising that Mayweather owns many villas, planes, yachts, supercars … and he also has a collection of beautiful lovers.

Mayweather (right) and his ex-girlfriend cheated on his fiancée Monroe (left)

Mayweather once had 4 children with 2 women who are two TV stars including Josie Harris, Melissa Brim. These two love affairs later fell apart because of the flowery habits of “Lonely and defeated”. Breaking up the two love affairs mentioned above, Mayweather is currently only pursuing quick love affairs with beauties.

Thought the 44-year-old boxer would “get on a flower car” with the beautiful British stripper Anna Monroe, but the billion-dollar puncher still has not given up the habit of “both craving and getting bored”. Although engaged to Monroe in January 2021, in July, “Money Man” betrayed Monroe to date his ex-girlfriend Galienne Nabila.

Discovering her fiancé openly wearing his ex-lover on the streets of New York, Monroe was enjoying a summer vacation in Las Vegas, 4,000km from Mayweather, extremely angry. The British model then decided to break up with Mayweather.

A friend of Anna’s revealed to The Sun: “After seeing the photos of Mayweather with her ex, Anna got mad and told her friends that it was over with him. Anna even called Mayweather a womanizer and He often sneaks out with other girls behind his back.

She used to want to have children with Mayweather, even met with the wedding staff to plan a marriage, now everything has stopped.”

In the early days of 2021, when Mayweather was brought home by his girlfriend, Monroe’s parents vehemently opposed this marriage, because they thought Mayweather was too “romantic”. When love was hot, Monroe didn’t care, but now she realized that her parents were right.

Going back to June, when Mayweather was about to fight Logan Paul, perhaps the 44-year-old boxer was “bored” of Monroe from that point on. He invited his girlfriend out of his large Las Vegas mansion, which has 11 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms, and two guest houses to focus on exercising.

Public opinion at that time imagined that Mayweather no longer had feelings for the British stripper, so he “caught it well”, because Monroe could still avoid “Money Man” in the large mansion.

A few days after Monroe “fired” the breakup, Mayweather made an apologetic move. “Anna said that Mayweather sent 5 million dollars to apologize and ask to reconnect with her, after he was caught dating his ex,” Monroe’s close friend “sells the news” to her. The Sun (UK).

Mayweather transferred to strippers 5 million USD: Paying a heavy price for "moon"  - 3

The beautiful stripper fell in love with Mayweather?

“Mayweather said Anna could use that money to buy whatever jewelry she wanted. Some friends there, Anna showed the transfer notice. It was a huge amount. Anna also said that Mayweather also offered to buy it as a gift. her a yacht, and took her on an excursion,” her friend Monroe continued.

More than a month after transferring to his girlfriend an amount of more than 113 billion VND, so far there is no sign that the couple has healed. Monroe deleted the image of Mayweather on her personal Instagram page, and “Lonely and defeated” also did not share anything about his fiancée, it seems that the two have “separated themselves”.


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(Sports news, behind-the-scenes news) Despite being engaged to a beautiful stripper, Floyd Mayweather still openly put his shoulder on…


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