Mayweather Boxing Viet punches Uzbek boxers on the ring

Saturday, March 20, 2021 22:47 PM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, martial arts news) Boxer Tran Van Thao knew how to shine in the face of a professional puncher from Uzbekistan Shermatov Ravshanbek in a recent match.

Video of Tran Van Thao’s defeat of Shermatov Ravshanbek (source: Trigger Boxing)

On the evening of March 20 in Ho Chi Minh City, boxer Tran Van Thao (dubbed “Mayweather Vietnam Boxing village”) had a match against puncher Shermatov Ravshanbek in the frame of the Trigger Championship 11 boxing event.

The match took place in the format of 4 innings with 3 minutes each. Although the competition was not in the audience, the clash between two of the world’s professional fists attracted the attention of a large number of online viewers.

Boxer Shermatov Ravshanbek fell to the floor after being hit by Van Thao’s counterattack in the third half

Tran Van Thao is better in terms of experience when he has 14 professional games (13 wins). Meanwhile, even though only 6 professional games (5 wins), Shermatov Ravshanbek stands out for his youth when the 25-year-old puncher from Uzbekistan is 3 years younger than Van Thao.

This deserved to be the ultimate match, the two boxers immediately rushed together fiercely after the signal to start. With a very good defense learned from the idol Mayweather, Tran Van Thao dodged many of the opponent’s attacks.

At the beginning of the second half, the puncher of Vietnam scored with 2 accurate punches. With determination to reclaim points, Shermatov Ravshanbek attacked like a storm, pressing Thao to defend very hard. However, with seasoned bravery, the former WBC Asian champion still stands firm.

Vietnamese boxers played very bravely and experienced

Even in the middle of the third half, Van Thao had a very good counterattack situation to launch a powerful punch that made the opponent drop both knees to the floor. The two opponents continued to fight back and forth until the end of the match. As a result, Tran Van Thao won a consensus score from the referee team. Victory deserves the experience and bravery of a 28-year-old boxer.

After the game, Van Thao said: “My opponent is very strong and has a very good ability to take the attack. I had to use all my strength and experience to win hard. Although this result does not count towards the results on world rankings, this is a good reagent for me in the process of preparing for the next important matches.

* Some impressive images from the match between Tran Van Thao and Shermatov Ravshanbek:

The match took place hotly from the beginning

Van Thao showed his ultimate defensive ability, which earned him the nickname “Mayweather Boxing Viet”

The quality responses of the former WBC Asian champion

Van Thao celebrates his victory

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