Martial artist Put me to sleep kicking a knock-out like a calligraphy film

Sunday, March 21, 2021 16:05 PM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, martial arts news) Continuous rotation before kicking, the boxer makes the opponent faint immediately.

720-degree knock-out video like attorney movies:

The MMA mixed martial arts event called Lion Fight 64 took place on March 14 in the US with a classic knock-out phase. Steve Walker, who goes by the nickname “Putting me to sleep”, did the same thing once.

The “tornado” kick at the US MMA

Walker’s “victim” this time is Brian Collette, with a height of 1.91m, called “Lion”, has won 4 matches in 8 times on the floor before.

The mighty “lion” Collette suddenly became “Paper Tiger” when he met Walker, only staying on the ring for exactly 2 minutes before falling asleep. With the spring-like legs, Steve Walker made a 360 degree rotation 2 times in a row like in the film, his leg hit the face, causing Collette to faint.

The referee quickly decided to stop the match and win the knockout for Steve Walker. Thus, the American boxer had the 5th victory in his career, including the 4th victory by knock-out.

Possessing the superior footstroke, Walker will be an annoying opponent even with the toughest punchers.

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