Market selling ‘rooftop vegetables’

HCMCFor more than a year, every Saturday morning, in Ward 14, District 10, a special market appears: Only selling vegetables grown on the terrace, raising funds to help people in need.

On the morning of January 23, Ms. Ngo Thi Lam Giang, 70 years old, and her daughter were present at the school yard, carrying two large boxes of vegetables. Her family is in Ward 14 but has a vegetable garden in District 12. Her family does not eat everything, so every week she brings vegetables and fruits to sell at the “Green Fair”.

This is an initiative of the Women’s Union of Ward 14 to maintain funding sources to support women in need, suffering from dangerous diseases or alone. Ms. Tran Thi Thanh Thuy, President of the Association explained: “Normally, in order to have funds, the Association often mobilizes donors to donate. But ‘I am always afraid’ and to actively source funds, help adding many other difficult circumstances, I thought of organizing the Green Fair “.

“The market” does not meet in a fixed location but changes every week to reach more people. Because they are all vegetables and fruits grown on family terraces, the output is uneven, each market only has about 10 households participating, taking turns.

This week, the market was held in the courtyard of Le Dinh Chinh primary school in alley 7, Thanh Thai street. In order to prepare “goods” for the market, from the association president to the members all joined hands with a happy atmosphere.

Mr. Le Van Nuoi, ​​70 years old from ward 14, district 10, is choosing to convert kale at the morning market on January 23. Image: Diep Phan.

As a resident of Quarter 3, the house of Mrs. Tong Thi Hong, 67 years old, has a garden of nearly 100 m2 on the terrace. In the past, vegetables and fruits grown by her own hands were often served only for family meals, if left over for friends. But for a year now, since participating in the Green Market, launched by Ms. Thuy, her vegetables and fruits are often sold. All the money she earns goes to the association’s fund.

“Growing enough vegetables for the family to eat is a great joy for the elderly like me, but from those vegetables and fruits, I feel very meaningful, my spirit is also much happier and more comfortable”, Mrs. Hong said.

Mr. Pham Phu Truong, 64 years old, the leader of Quarter 1, with a terrace garden of nearly 40 square meters, often brings vegetables and fruits to the market. Depending on the harvested yield, some weeks he brings a few melon fruits, a week he shavings a guava fruit or a few kilograms of vegetables of all kinds. “Growing vegetables on the terrace in the middle of the city is not uncommon, but not every ward has a market to sell homegrown products. This activity helps people in the ward unite and stick together.” Mr. Truong said.

In addition to fruits and vegetables grown from rooftop gardens, the fair also has other items such as ornamental plants, coffee, cakes ... of startup members.  Photo: Diep Phan.

In addition to fruits and vegetables grown from rooftop gardens, the fair also has other items such as ornamental plants, coffee, cakes … of start-up women members. Image: Diep Phan.

Ms. Thuy said, after a year of launching, now more than 200 households in the ward registered to participate in the Green Market. Every week, before the fair, she will post a notice on a chat group for households to arrange to bring their products.

To ensure the regular operation of the market and to expand the model, recently, Ms. Thuy has linked more with members with VietGap standard fruit and vegetable garden. Every Tuesday, Thursday, the gardeners in the association will cut vegetables to hand to the buyers. Members who have “home made” products such as cakes and coffee are also offered at the market.

“On average, we earn about 2 million VND per month. This money is used to buy health insurance for women with dangerous diseases in difficult circumstances. Tet gifts for the elderly. Lonely old is also more complete than before “, Ms. Thuy said.

Joining the green market early in the morning, Mr. Le Van Nuoi, ​​in Quarter 1, felt strange at the kale, Japanese greens he saw for the first time. Having never eaten these vegetables, the 70-year-old man has to ask for advice on the use and processing from the seller.

“I started to like to buy vegetables at these Green Fairs because the product is very quality. The households grow on the terrace to serve the needs of the family so I feel secure, cheaper than the supermarket. I have to eat more vegetables to help people in need, “he said, smiling.

A corner of the market at the headquarters of Quarter 8, Ward 14 in Alley 7, Thanh Thai Street, District 10. Photo: Thanh Thuy.

A corner of the market at the Committee yard of ward 14 in alley 7A, Thanh Thai street, district 10. Photo: Thanh Thuy.

Also present at the fair to buy some green vegetables for her family to use, Ms. Nguyen Thi Hai Yen, 51 years old with breast cancer, said that since the day she got sick, because she was not healthy enough, she did not go to work. housewife. Yen’s husband is a worker, whose income is not high, so all expenses must be packed to take care of her two children in school.

“I know the words from these vegetable bundles will be extracted to buy rice and necessities for my family, so I also buy them to support. Each bunch of vegetables and squash here is not just food, but also. The feelings of the people in the ward are sent to my family, “said the woman living in Quarter 11.

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