Maltster and bricklayer at the Korean: TV cook our food was too spicy!

Frankfurt – “My mother is Bornheim’s Big Mama,” says Ho – Seong Kim (43) from the “Sonamu” restaurant on Berger Straße.

His mother, Sun-Il, is the woman who introduces viewers to Korean cuisine at the start of the new TV season of “Kitchen Impossible” (VOX). In the first episode, star chef Tim Mälzer (50) competes against his friend and chef Ludwig “Lucki” Maurer (40) from Lower Bavaria. “Lucki” cooked for the Kims in “Sonamu” in Bornheim. Ho – Seong Kim: “Tim Mälzer suggested our restaurant in a meeting. He thought my mother was funny. “

Not so funny for Koch’s competitor Maurer: He found the food too spicy!

Beads of sweat on his forehead, repeatedly reaching for the water bottle. Ho – Seong: “Lucki apologized to me after filming. He doesn’t eat spicy himself, so that can’t be a standard. Our food isn’t that spicy. The Thais use the fresh chilli pepper for seasoning. The Koreans sharpen with rolled dried pepperoni. “

Found the food too spicy: Chef competitor Lucki Maurer

Photo: Armin Weigel / TVNOW

The shoot took two days of ten hours. The son of “Bornheims Big Mama”: “The crew was great. You did not leave a mess. We clean every day anyway. “


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