Major fire in Thuringia: 150,000 euros burned here!

Gera – Desperate farmer Marcel Schaller (33) extinguishes the last embers in order to save at least a few of his 1,500 bales of straw.

As a member of the volunteer fire brigade, he fought all night against the flames that were destroying the feed stock of his suckler cow farm.

Damage: 150,000 euros!

At 10:31 p.m. the sirens rang for the first time in the Zeulenroda district of Piesigitz. Schaller: “My brother heard a loud bang in the field and sounded the alarm. When we arrived, my combine and the stacked straw were on fire. “

In order to prevent it from spreading to other vehicles, he tried to pull the blocks apart with the help of a wheel loader. Without success.

90 firefighters arrived, emptied three ponds in 20 hours in order to extinguish the 750 square meter area. City fire chief Steffen Jubold (57) speaks of an unnatural course of the fire. The police used a thermal imaging drone to search for suspects, are investigating arson and are urgently looking for witnesses.

As a volunteer firefighter, farmer Marcel Schaller (33) had to put out the fire himself

Photo: Björn Walther –

Particularly tragic: In 2016, the native of Thuringia lost his farm in Bavaria due to a cable fire, and then started again in his home country with 25 suckler cows on a four-sided farm and 2.5 hectares of land.

Now he’s even afraid for his family. Because it was obviously not the first attack on the farmer.

Schaller: “Most recently, my car brake hoses were cut.” He is at a loss: “I haven’t done anything to anyone.”

The damage is threatening the very existence because so much new forage is almost unaffordable after the years of drought.

That was probably arson 400,000 euros damage! Fire eats twelve cars

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