Major fire: Burning straw warehouse – damage of 500,000 euros

Thick clouds of smoke moved over Schwandebeck in the Harz district (Saxony-Anhalt) on Tuesday night, the fire brigade moved in with a large contingent of a total of 89 comrades and 19 vehicles to fight the fire in two straw camps. But the fight against the flames was almost hopeless.

At the moment it cannot be ruled out that the fire fighting will continue for several days, “said a police spokesman.

500,000 euros in damage

The fire broke out at around 0.30 a.m. in two buildings used as straw storage on the grounds of a farm in Kapellenstrasse. Despite the self-sacrificing efforts of the firefighters, both buildings and a photovoltaic system were destroyed.

The total damage amounts to 500,000 euros.

The officials have now completely cordoned off the scene of the fire and started investigations into the cause of the fire. In this regard, an investigator for the cause of the fire from the State Criminal Police Office is also called in.


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