Major fire: 16 residents rescued from fire house

Elsterberg (Saxony) – The flames hit the night sky meters high, firefighters hold onto it with their hoses: devastating house fire in the Vogtland!

Shortly after midnight, the rescuers were called to Elsterberg on the border with Thuringia on Sunday. A smartly reconstructed apartment building on Schillerstrasse caught fire.

Fortunately, despite the large fire, there were no victims to complain about: 16 people brought themselves to safety or were evacuated – one tenant (62) trapped by the flames using a turntable ladder. He suffered from smoke inhalation and was taken to a hospital.

The cause of the fire is so far unclear. “Our investigators haven’t been able to get in yet and will start their work on Monday,” a police spokesman told BILD.

Since there was a solar system on the roof, a possible defect there could have been the trigger. “The fire apparently broke out in the uninhabited attic,” said the police.

The 17 residents (one was not at home during the fire) cannot return: the house is uninhabitable for the time being, the damage is huge…

Escape from the flames Woman hanging out the window

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