Lunch at the hotel, the luxurious alternative to bypass the closure of restaurants

Restaurants have been closed for more than 100 days to fight the Covid-19 epidemic. And, for 86% of French people, it has become the most obvious lack of health restrictions, even more than being able to find loved ones (75%), according to a study conducted by the TheFork platform. Home deliveries and “click and collect” do not change anything, the illness of the restaurant is particularly keen, while the memory of good hot dishes served at the table on a pretty tablecloth, accompanied by the noise of dishes and coffee machines , dissipates over the months. An even more painful observation at lunchtime, when the queues in front of bakeries and other fast food restaurants stretch out on the sidewalk. Tired of the sandwich!

How the great chefs adapt to the crisis so as not to sink (and try to resist the sirens of the “dark kitchen”)

However, there is a parade, but it is not within the reach of all budgets: restaurants in luxury hotels can accommodate us. At a time when illegal restaurants are pinned (24 establishments have been sanctioned so far), the practice has emerged as a legal alternative, albeit costly, and it allows hotels in need of tourists to make a little supplement. Government decrees provide that “Room service for hotel restaurants and bars” remains authorized.

Also, the “night + dinner + breakfast” offers are increasing, even more as the day approaches.

To read the remaining 79%,
test the offer at 1 € without obligation.

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