Lower Saxony: Schools will not be required to take the central Abitur in 2021

Osnabrück / Hanover – In the corona pandemic, schools in Lower Saxony are allowed to set their own tasks in the Abitur examination in 2021 instead of the central Abis.

This applies to schools that are particularly affected by the measures to contain the pandemic, said a spokeswoman for the state’s Ministry of Culture of the “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung”.

As a result, the state deviates from the principle of using centrally set tasks nationwide.

Acquisition of the general higher education entrance qualification as well as nationwide recognition of the degree in consultation with the other federal states are guaranteed.

“We have taken precautions so that, despite the corona pandemic, all degrees can be obtained at a high quality level,” said Minister of Education Grant Hendrik Tonne. This applies to the Abitur as well as to the main, secondary and special school qualifications.

There will be no “Corona blemish”, all degrees are equivalent to those of previous years, said the SPD politician.

“Our regulations do not cut back on quality, but rather respond precisely to material that could perhaps be processed less.”

Therefore, all high school graduates should “just as hard and sit on the pants” as always.


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