Louis Hagen: Millions of people say thank you to our police officers

If you talk to children and ask them what they want to be when they grow up, the answer is usually: policeman.

When I was a child in Berlin there was still the policeman on the corner. It was the Schupo, i.e. the police officer. Whenever we met him, we would say politely: “Hello, Mr. Sergeant!” He grinned at us, asked how we were doing and leisurely strolled away, usually with his hands behind his back.


Decades later, I still have this feeling that a man or woman in uniform is ensuring my safety when I meet a police officer. Of course, the police scolding (“cops out”) hasn’t escaped my attention for decades. I was a young reporter in 1968 and covered many demos. And of course I’ve often been annoyed by police officers.

You drive 10 km/h too fast at a motorway construction site and you already have a ticket.

It makes you angry, but you quickly forget it.

▶︎ But what you don’t forget: police officers protect us – even with their lives.

BILD columnist Louis HagenPhoto: Wolf Lux

Germany mourns the loss of a 29-year-old police commissioner and a 24-year-old police commissioner candidate.

Mourning unites millions of people like a mysterious bond. Police officers are also everyday heroes, even if they don’t like to hear it. “I’m just doing my duty,” they prefer to say.

Today, millions of people in Germany say thank you without saying it.

Louis Hagen (75) was a member of the BILD editor-in-chief for 13 years and is now a consultant at the communications agency WMP. His texts are available as a book at koehler-mittel-shop.de.


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