Leipzig: Actually, she wanted a dog – woman goes for walks with Hasi

Leipzig – It was supposed to be a dog, she says. But then Taimi Perez (30) fell in love with a small, fluffy ball, which makes no sound: Hasi!

The rabbit, which will be one year old in June, will now accompany you everywhere and hop on a leash through Leipzig. While other rabbits only know their stable and maybe just about their garden at home, Hasi is in the park, by the lake and even in the city center.

Taimi Perez with her extraordinary four-legged friend yesterday in Johannapark

Photo: Alexander Schumann

“No matter where we appear, everyone loves our Hasilein,” says the native Cuban. “We only pick them up when dogs really come. You shouldn’t be frightened. “

The “hare mum” always has a bag with her for excursions. Taimi: “With a water bottle, treats, something to cuddle with, something that sniffs home and also sachets in case Hasi has a little mishap.”

But the latter is quite normal when going for a walk …

Teaser picture

Hasi drives into town in a transport box strapped to the passenger seat

Photo: Alexander Schumann


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