Kongsberg: Those are the victims

Five people lost their lives on Wednesday evening in Kongsberg, Norway. Espen Andersen Bråthen (37) took it away from them, who went through the city with a bow and arrow – and shot. On Saturday the police announced the names of the five fatalities.

These are the victims of the bow killer

► Andréa Meyer († 52)

► Gun Marith Madsen († 79)

► Hanne Merethe Englund († 56)

► Liv Berit Borge († 75)

► Gunnar Erling Sauve († 75)

Most of the victims died at home. The perpetrator broke into their homes after an unsuccessful first attempt at arrest in front of a supermarket. All five of those killed were known and loved in the small town of Kongsberg, which has a population of 25,000. Flowers from neighbors and friends have been lying in front of some of the victims’ houses since Thursday morning.

Andréa Meyer

Andréa Meyer was born in Hamburg, but has lived in Norway for many years. She was considered very accommodating and lived a secluded life. According to the newspaper “VG” she occasionally worked, sometimes this, sometimes that. Her neighbor Thomas Nilsen (59) reports to VG: “She was always looking, also as a person. She was very polite and accommodating and a good listener. “

Gun Marith Madsen

Gun Marith Madsen was an artist and had numerous exhibitions all over Norway. Kjell Guldvog Staalesen (76) and his wife had been friends with Gun Marith Madsen for many years. Gun was the nice neighbor that everyone liked. “We are so touched by the flowers and that so many people are hugging and giving each other comfort. She was such a lovely person, ”they report to“ Dagbladet ”.

Hanne Merethe Englund

Hanne Merethe Englund is also mourned. The artist was known throughout the town, she owned a gallery, worked with ceramics and gave big, happy summer parties behind her house. Her gallery had no opening times. Whoever wanted to see her simply rang the doorbell.

Gunnar Erling Sauve and Liv Borge

Gunnar Erling Sauve and Liv Borge were a couple. They had only met a few years ago and enjoyed their late love happiness. They liked to travel extensively and enjoyed life as retirees in love.

► A memorial service will be held in Kongsberg on Sunday in honor of the five fatalities. The police do not yet have the cause of death announced. All we know is that the perpetrator had two other weapons besides a bow and arrow. The police are still keeping a secret which weapons were involved and whether he was using them.

The motive of the perpetrator is still unknown, but initial results of the investigation indicate a mental illness. The perpetrator will be examined by a forensic psychiatrist in the coming weeks.


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