“Knowledge of the microbiota opens up a new way of practicing medicine”

Under your leadership, the venture capital firm Seventure Partners has invested heavily in microbiome companies. Why ?

We aim to take a stake in innovative companies to help them develop. As a former professional in the pharmaceutical industry – at Pfizer then Fournier-Abbott -, I have a tropism for life sciences, which affect both health and food. Classic investments in the sector focused on innovative medical devices or biotechs. But rather than exercising the profession of investor by sorting the files on which we are solicited, I prefer to spend time upstream and focus on areas of the future. However, innovations affecting the microbiota, that is to say all the microorganisms – bacteria, yeasts, fungi or viruses – present in the human body, make it one of the most promising sectors.

Why is it interesting?

A few years ago, microbes were mostly considered for production: industrial biotechnology was concerned with what they eat and what they excrete. Today, we have gained a better understanding of the functions of these microorganisms in the human body. This allows us to discover how the microbiota preserves our health capital, helps digestion or assimilation of food, strengthens our immune system. Or how Conversely its imbalance – dysbiosis –

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