Knorr .’s Commitment to ‘Active Nutrition’

Unilever and the Knorr brand innovate and upgrade products with the goal of “for a healthier young generation”.

In July 2020, FAO and WHO warned that in addition to the impact of the pandemic, unhealthy eating habits and global food insecurity are also the causes of malnutrition, micronutrient deficiencies. substance and overweight, obesity…

In Vietnam, the results of the National Nutrition Census 2019-2020 of the Institute of Nutrition showed that the rate of overweight and obesity in children doubled, from 8.5% (in 2010) to 19.0%. (2020). On the other hand, only 65% ​​of Vietnamese people reach the recommended level of fruit and vegetable consumption according to the nutrition pyramid.

“Active nutrition” – the element of sustainable development

In order to contribute to solving food problems and joining hands to establish a healthy diet for the community, Unilever Group aims to commit to “Active Nutrition” – that is, to balance substances in each meal, good for health, while promoting the sustainable development of agriculture.

List 50 foods of the future (Future 50 Food) developed by Knorr – a Unilever member – is a solution to improve nutritional value and reduce environmental impact. Among them, lentils, wild rice, kale, fonio seeds, pumpkin flowers or cactus … have a delicious, accessible and affordable flavor.

The list of “50 foods of the future” is not difficult to find in everyday life.

This commitment is implemented on four fronts:

First, the group promotes the development of plant-based products to reduce dependence on meat or dairy products. Unilever globally targets the total sales value of this segment to reach one billion EUR in the period 2025-2027.

Second, double the amount of products developed based on “active nutrition” criteria by 2025.

Next, expand the presence of products meeting WHO standards globally, specifically 70% of the category in the food and beverage industry by 2022.

In Vietnam alone, 95% of food, beverage and beverage brands from Knorr, Lipton and Wall’s/Cornetto ice cream meet WHO recommendations.

Finally, the enterprise conducted a series of product innovation strategies, prioritizing natural ingredients to help consumers have salt consumption habits in line with WHO recommendations (not exceeding 5g a day).

In Vietnam, by the second quarter of 2021, 100% of Unilever’s food products have met this target.

Initial success

As of the third quarter of 2020, Knorr Vietnam is estimated to serve more than 4.4 billion servings that meet the criteria of “active nutrition”. The main product is tenderloin seasoning, bone marrow and bone marrow, providing 15% of the daily recommended amount of iodized salt by WHO.

The unit also promotes the trend of vegetarianism and healthy macrobiotics by researching and improving products extracted from plants, including the line of Organic shiitake seasoning, natural seasoning powder for vegetables, etc. .

Vision For a Healthy Future Generation of Knorr - 1

Knorr is constantly improving the formula and appearance of its products.

At the same time, in 2021, the brand also aims to “For a healthier future Vietnamese generation” when cooperating with the Institute of Nutrition to launch the campaign. Home cooked with enough vegetables, feed a colorful future.

Based on the 4-3-2 principle (400 grams of vegetables, three different types of vegetables and two types of fruit per day), the unit hopes to bring practical solutions, helping consumers find ways to actively supplement Add vegetables to your meal.

Within the framework of the campaign, the brand released the music Vegetable song – how to help mothers “negotiate” with children about the need for this food in daily meals; coil Rainbow Book – Instructions for making vegetable dishes in 21 days.

In addition, the “21 days of home-cooked meals with enough vegetables” contest on Facebook provides an opportunity for mothers to showcase their creativity in dishes, exchange and share stories related to building nutritional habits for their children. .

Knorr's Vision For a Healthy Future Generation - 2

The 4-3-2 rule is easy to remember, easy to implement.

A business representative said: “By building and maintaining nutritious, vegetable-rich meals for the family, we will be closer to the goal of ‘positive nutrition’, creating a foundation for development. health of the next generation”. See details here.

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