Knife murder in Halle: did widower plan the crime with his lover?


Halle (Saxony-Anhalt) – First fired without notice, then arrested! The tears of the grieving widower were evidently one lie. On September 24th, Holm G. (54) found his wife covered in blood in the apartment. Neighbors, friends and relatives gave the Halle citizen consolation and condolences.

But exactly seven weeks after the fact, the handcuffs clicked on Friday: The widower is said to have concocted and planned the murder with two accomplices – he was also convicted as a package thief.

The Kripo investigators suspected the husband from the start. Because he wanted to have come back from shopping around 8 p.m. on the Friday evening when the murder happened and found his wife dead in her apartment.

But witnesses quickly came forward who said: The 54-year-old had dropped his young lover at her apartment on Mansfelder Strasse shortly before 8 p.m. and kissed her on the street.

Bianka D. (28) is said to have been Holm G’s lover. She is in custody with a possible accomplice

Photo: MARVIN MATZULLA (reproduction)

Only 72 hours after the knife murder of Heike G. († 52) the criminal investigation officers arrested the young lover and an acquaintance. Bianka D. (28) and Stefan H. (43) came into custody – remained silent about the allegations. Her traces had been secured at the crime scene. The investigators later also found the murder weapon – a kitchen knife!

BILD reporters confronted Holm G. (52) and wanted to know whether he had anything to do with the murder. At that time, the widower talked his way out, claimed: “I only know Bianka superficially, I once helped her move.”

When asked whether the couple could imagine why the couple killed their wife, Holm G insisted: “I have no idea.” THAT WAS A LIE!

The murder investigator’s problem: The traces on the scene brought the lover and her helper – but not the husband. He could explain his tracks, after all, he lived in the apartment.

But the investigators did not give up. During their search, they came across a parcel driver’s garage. In there they found many parcels, letters and mail that Holm G. had not delivered.

A preliminary investigation into postal misappropriation has been initiated. A colleague to BILD: “He was dismissed without notice and was immediately banned from entering.”

But the big end for the widower came on Friday: After the arrest for complicity, he came to the investigating judge. There he was silent about the allegations. But the evidence and evidence presented was sufficient. There is an urgent suspicion! Holm G. remains behind bars until the trial.


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