Japanese garden in Hanoi tube house

Previously in Japan and China, Nguyen An decided to renovate a house located in an alley in Dong Da district in the style of “Indoor Garden” (Vien Lam A Dong).

The house Mr. Nguyen An recently bought was built in 1995, is located on a land of 5.8 x 9 m, has three floors, brick walls 200 mm.

The total land area is 52 m2, but the old owner only built 40 m2, leaving 12 m2 for the garden on the right side of the house. The front of the house is diagonal to the front alley, so to give priority to the square living rooms, the toilet shaft and the stairs are pushed forward. After calculating the options, seeing that the foundation structure is still solid, Mr. An decided to keep the old design of the house, but remove all furniture, ceilings, walls, and floors and build two more floors with bright criteria. , airy, clean, neat.

Garden in the style of “East Asian forest” by Anh. Image: ABlueBird Photography.

The front garden was tiled in the background, covered with brick wall and made an aquarium, the rockery was damp, mossy and many mosquitoes now turned into a gravel garden in Japanese style. It is divided into two areas: dry area and wet area. The dry area has a roof, only gravel and a place to drink tea. Wet area directly exposed to sunlight and rain, is a place to plant trees, rock, and water.

Plants in the garden are limited to only four categories, including conifer, chrysanthemum, bamboo and linden jelly, plants with elegant temperament. Round windows and white lime walls, gray wind flower tiles, are coordinated in Suzhou style, China.

Not only brings a green space for the house, the garden combines the floor, helping the upper floors to clear.

Besides, this is also the space that Mr. An is particularly popular with because early morning and late at night, both can enjoy tea in peace. “For me, every day should have 1-2 hours of sitting quietly alone. I do not like noisy and bustling alcohol, so the tea space is really necessary,” said the host, born in 1983.

Ground floor space has doors overlooking the garden.  Photo: ABlueBird Photography.

Ground floor space has doors overlooking the garden. Image: ABlueBird Photography.

After 25 years of construction, the house revealed many limitations such as dark, damp from the neighbor’s wall and from the courtyard of the well, the function was not suitable for the new owner’s life, so Mr. An re-divided the rooms.

The ground floor consists of the lobby, parking area and living room overlooking the garden. The second floor is the shared kitchen, the dining room and the memorial room, where pictures, books, souvenirs from generations in the family are displayed. The third floor has bedrooms and classrooms. The fourth floor has room for the master bedroom and changing room. On the fifth floor, the homeowner arranged the worship room, additional bedroom, laundry area and open courtyard tree planting.

Furniture and display items are selected according to three factors, including optimal response to user needs, memories and cultural features. “The home interior is a combination of both new and old furniture,” Anh said. “Like a sofa set in the living room, obviously not integrated with the common space, but because of its memories, I still respect it.”

Living room with decor items has been collected by homeowners for many years.  Photo: ABlueBird Photography.

Living room with decor items has been collected by homeowners for many years. Image: ABlueBird Photography.

The exhibits are bought by the homeowner from the occasion of studying and working abroad and have cultural characteristics of those lands. However, the most special thing for the host is the items representing Vietnamese culture, such as the gold-plated version of the Ly Dragon Head, the same size as the version that Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc gave the President. US Obama in 2016, or the version of Amitabha Buddha statue, Buddha Tich pagoda, was presented to Emperor Akihito in 2017 by the State leader. in a formal place “, Mr. An shared.

To have a real house like that, the homeowner designs, supervises and buys all construction materials, furniture. After eight weeks of construction at a cost of about 900 million VND, the house helps Mr. An fulfill his wish to welcome his mother to live with him and becomes a gentle, relaxing and warm space to return after each working day.

See the technical drawing of the project here.

Click to see more pictures of the house.

Minh Trang

Image: ABlueBird Photography


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