Jake Paul is back with his girlfriend, revealing a love triangle with a hot photo beauty

(Sports news, martial arts news) Just healed the love for the beautiful Julia Rose, boxer Jake Paul got caught up in the scandal of soliciting Rara Knupps.

The information about boxing boxer Jake Paul has recently been of particular interest to the audience. Previously, the 25-year-old American puncher was considered a “moon man” when he suddenly broke up with his model girlfriend Julia Rose, but millions of people watching Jake puncher felt more secure when the couple announced their return. together.

Jake Paul and the “love triangle” in the past

But as soon as one storm subsided, another storm arose. Recently, on the Plug Talk podcast, Sky Bri revealed about the “love triangle” scandal between her and Jake and the beautiful “hot picture” Rara Knupps.

Rara explains that she and Skylar used to be close friends, often playing in “triple games” together, and had asked Jake Paul to join them.

After a secret love triangle, the trio of Rara, Skylar and Jake agreed to tattoo the other’s name on their body. “The next day he said. Let’s all get each other’s names tattooed on our bodies,” Skylar revealed, pulling back her hair to show off a tattoo of the name “Jake P” on her neck.

Rara admitted: “It was fun. Honestly, it was a love triangle that we both enjoyed, it was the most romantic story we’ve ever had.”

Jake Paul is back with his girlfriend, revealing "love hand 3"  with beauty "hot photo"  - 3

Sky Bri beauty has more than 425,000 followers on Instagram

Jake Paul is back with his girlfriend, revealing "love hand 3"  with beauty "hot photo"  - 4

Rara Knupps is a “hot” model that is watched by many viewers

Source: https://tcdulichtphcm.vn/the-thao/jake-paul-quay-lai-voi-ban-gai-lo-34tinh-tay-334-voi-my-nhan-3…

(Sports news, martial arts news) Beauty Julia Rose is a special, unforgettable love with the handsome, rich Jake Paul puncher.

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