Jack Ma was behind the battle of Yi Long versus King of Tai Chi, McGregor was criticized

Sunday, April 18, 2021 21:19 PM (GMT + 7)

(Martial arts news) The match between Yi Long and “King of Tai Chi” has a record amount of remuneration thanks to the manipulation of billionaires Jack Ma and Ly Lien Kiet.

Jack Ma & Ly Lien Kiet were behind the battle of Yi Long against “King of Tai Chi”

Chinese martial arts are very interested in the match between “First Shaolin” Yi Long and Wang Chiem Hai, who is known as the “King of Tai Chi”. This is considered the first time a professional Kickboxing fighter has fought with a Tai chi martial artist in the MMA format.

The match of Yi Long – Vuong Chiem Hai is causing a stir in Chinese public opinion

The heat of the match was so great that it was reported in the newspaper that the wages of the two players were arguably the highest in the history of Chinese martial arts events. Page 163.com said Yi Long and Wang Chiem Hai will receive a total of 10 million yuan, 5 times more than the previous record.

Wang Chiem Hai himself revealed to the same sect master Wei Lei that his competition fee was 5 million yuan, meaning that Yi Long would receive the remaining 5 million. Even so, the amount that the two actually earn after the match is expected to be even higher, depending on the revenue earned.

That will be the amount of money that Wang Chiem Hai can not normally earn at any other martial arts event, even the Chinese press thinks that the reasonable price to invite him is only 1/1000 of the number. Money 5 million yuan.

Recently, 163.com revealed the reason why Vuong Chiem Hai was able to extract such a large sum of money. The reason is that billionaire Jack Ma and martial arts movie star Ly Lien Kiet helped organize this match, both considered “students” of Vuong Chiem Hai. Not just the organization, Jack Ma and Ly Lien Kiet contributed to making the competition format beneficial for their “master”.

Jack Ma was behind Yi Long's match & # 34; King of Tai Chi & # 34 ;, McGregor was criticized - 3

Ly Lien Kiet and Jack Ma helped organize the Yi Long – Vuong Chiem Hai match

The source said that if fighting according to the MMA law, Vuong Chiem Hai will have an advantage because the law allows to perform wrestling attacks, which is the forte of this Tai Chi master, while it is a weakness in Yi Long’s style. . Knowing that, Yi Long still agreed with the law because the remuneration was too great to refuse.

McGregor was accused of teaching his children to beat people

Conor McGregor was on vacation with his family in Dubai and there was a nuisance at the beach. McGregor’s 3-year-old son ran over to tell his father that he had been beaten in the back by another child, and McGregor responded with the intention of telling his son to fight back.

“Please hit it back. Where are you going to hit on it? Hit your mouth, punch your mouth. Aim at that spot and aim for the nose too. Let’s go faster than it, that’s why we practice martial arts that, “McGregor said. Notably, McGregor said these things while filming a live stream on Facebook.

Jack Ma was behind Yi Long's match & # 34; King of Tai Chi & # 34 ;, McGregor was criticized - 4

McGregor was criticized for encouraging his child to use violence

This incident has caused many comments from viewers, saying that McGregor is encouraging his child to act violently. One Facebook user wrote: “How cute! Have your child punch another friend in the mouth & nose. Is that the real way to teach children? ”.

Fury vowed to “handle” Ngannou

Although he is about to face Anthony Joshua, Tyson Fury is still challenged by some punches and recently even UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou wants to fight Fury.

“I’m not tired of playing a boxer, Mike Tyson probably doesn’t want it, but Tyson Fury is ready,” Ngannou said. Boxing has been and always is a dream that I want to pursue ”.

And recently Fury responded on social media, saying he was ready to accept the challenge of Ngannou and ready to “grill” the French-born rival Cameroonian. “After I hit Joshua, I’ll bake this guy too. Get ready, ”wrote Fury.

Source: http: //danviet.vn/jack-ma-dung-sau-tran-yi-long-dau-vua-thai-cuc-mcgregor-bi-chi-trich-502021184 …

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