It is not safe to search customer care number on Google, fraudsters are cheating like this

Google Safety Tips: Often people need to contact the concerned company for the solution of the problem related to different product or service or for any information. To get the helpline number of the company, people consider the easiest way to search on Google and find out the number by searching from there. Sometimes the search is correct, but in many cases people get cheated by calling out the number in this way. That number does not belong to the company but to the thugs. Let us know how this game happens and how you can avoid it.

make mistakes like this

Fraudsters go to Google and post their number in the name of the company instead of customer care of big companies. In this way the number and address are listed on Google through the Google Business Account. To deceive people, thugs also make fake websites similar to that company. Apart from this, there is an option to edit the contact details of big companies and other institutions in Google Map and Google Search. Fraudsters take advantage of this too. They update their number by editing the original number. In such a situation, when you search the number by the name of the company, then their number comes.

keep these things in mind

If you take some precautions then you can avoid this type of fraud. Let us tell you some important things.

  • First of all, never search the helpline number of any company on Google search.
  • The easiest way is to go to that company’s website. Please see the company’s spelling in the address bar here. If the spelling is wrong then the website will also be wrong. If the website is correct, then now you will get options like Contact Us, Helpline or Support in the right or left side at the bottom or top of that page. You can see the company number by clicking on it.
  • Apart from this, you also get the option of email id or live chat on the website. You can also contact the company through these methods.
  • The company’s helpline number is also recorded on the app, wrapper or packet of the company about which you have a problem, it is better if you check it properly and take the number from there.
  • On this type of call, you call about the product, so keep in mind that do not share any other information other than the product. Especially bank related information.
  • Nowadays every company is active on Twitter. The easiest way for you is to complain to Twitter. Action on this is also immediate.
  • While complaining on Twitter also, keep in mind that while tweeting, do not share your personal information there. Just tell me your problem.
  • The easiest way to complain on Twitter is to follow the said company. Then tell your problem by direct message to that company. With this, no one other than the company will be able to see your message and any information.
  • If a call comes after making a complaint and asks for information related to the bank, then do not share such details.

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