Is Wearing Smartwatch Bad For Health? Know the reality

Smartwatch Health Effects: Wearing a smartwatch has become a fashion these days. From the youth to the elderly, the craze of smartwatches can be seen. In the market, companies are continuously offering more than one smartwatch, which people are also very fond of. Many companies claim that these smartwatches can monitor people’s health well. Although there are some controversies regarding smartwatches, about which it is important to know the reality.

Is a smartwatch harmful to health?
Many people are trying to know whether wearing a smartwatch can also have negative effects on people’s health. According to experts, excessive use of smartwatch can be harmful. Actually smartwatches produce electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation, which can be dangerous to health. Apart from this, radiation also has many negative effects on health.

These problems may occur
1. If you keep wearing the smartwatch for 24 hours, then the radiation generated by it can cause headache. Therefore, the smartwatch should not be worn for a long time.

2. It has often been seen that people keep using smartwatch till late at night, due to which their sleep routine gets disturbed. Lack of sleep can cause mood swings.

3. Many people have a habit that they look at their smartwatch again and again. By doing this, they are unable to focus on other tasks. This problem is called body dysmorphia.

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