Is Amazon a job creator or destroyer?

To celebrate its 20 years of activity in France, Amazon has decided to convince us of its “Positive contribution to the French economy”. In a press release, the e-commerce giant is pleased to be “Become one of the main job creators in France”, “The source of more than 130,000 jobs”. More than Carrefour!

This figure, calculated by the consulting firm Keystone for Amazon, adds up the 9,300 direct employees on permanent contracts present in its warehouses and offices, the 13,000 estimated positions with external merchants who sell on its market place and, finally, 110 000 jobs said “Indirect”. Problem: by making the same addition, the Friends of the Earth association, in a crusade against the American firm in France, arrives at… 28,000 jobs. Who is telling the truth?

Taxes, jobs, environment … We put Amazon on trial

Jobs created

On the ground, the president of the agglomeration community of Douaisis (North), Christian Poiret (various right), brought Amazon to Lauwin-Planque in 2013 and has no regrets: “The warehouse employs 3,000 people at cruising speed, including 2,000 permanent contracts, and up to 5,500 between September and December, details the chosen one. These are all people who are not at Pôle emploi or RSA! “

This obvious job creation explains why so many city councilors roll out roundabouts and freeway ramps to attract the Grail. Internal documents that “Obs” obtained confirm that 7,081 employees on CDI and CDD insured

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