Internet speed will double, just use SIM card in phone like this, learn easy trick

Most of the users running internet in smartphone struggle with slow data speed. Sometimes the internet becomes so slow that you are not able to send Hi to anyone on WhatsApp. At such a time, if you get caught in an emergency situation or are in the middle of an important meeting, then there can be a problem.

However, by making a simple change in your SIM card, you can almost double the internet speed of your smartphone (increase internet speed in mobile). Today we are going to tell you about this trick. This trick is very easy. In this, you just have to exchange your SIM card.

how will this trick work
You must have often seen that many people use 2 SIM cards in the same phone and most of the smartphones also come with two SIM trays. However, while inserting the SIM, we do not take into account which SIM should be put in which SIM tray. If you have kept your calling SIM in SIM tray one (Sim 1) and internet with SIM in SIM tray two (Sim 2), then it is very likely that you will get slow internet speed.

what is the remedy
Actually, users are advised to keep their Internet SIM in the SIM tray 1 of the smartphone, while you can keep the calling SIM in the second tray. Most of the phones are designed in such a way that their SIM 1 supports good internet speed (4G LTE). In this way you can get good internet speed in your phone.

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