In Berlin in court: Terror bride cashed Hartz IV and child benefit

Berlin – A mother from Berlin goes to war in Syria and takes her daughter (3) with her. Nadia B. (31), the terror bride! Six husbands give each other the handle, she remains married with hatred of human beings: murder and manslaughter for an Islamist “state of God”.

Kammergericht, the defendant behind bulletproof glass. Nadia B. looks like a capable business woman: black blazer, long hair, fashionable glasses. No headscarf. The indictment of the Berlin attorney general tells the harrowing story of a convinced ISIS bride.

Born in Germany, converted to Islam. December 2014 to Syria. Six husbands from the terror scene (twice married to two men at the same time Islamically). She has two sons. Returns to Germany in April 2019, heavily pregnant with the fourth child. She was arrested in Berlin on August 4, 2020.

“So far, she has not given up her radical Islamist stance,” said the public prosecutor. The list of charges is long!

These are the allegations

► Member “of a terrorist organization abroad whose purposes and activities are directed towards the perpetration of murder or manslaughter or genocide or crimes against humanity or war crimes”.

► Child withdrawal and violation of the duty of care (severe psychological damage to the daughter). The girl was forced to attend ISIS school, and beatings were the order of the day there, according to the indictment.

► War weapon possession (Kalashnikov assault rifle): “As the wife of a ‘Shahid’ (martyr) with ‘Jatib children’ (orphans), she was of the opinion that she deserved special treatment”.

► Social fraud: In Germany, according to the indictment, she continued to collect Hartz IV and child benefit!

Photo: From video

Your defense lawyers say Nadia B. wants to “essentially admit” the allegations. They negotiate a deal: If this happens, the terror bride faces a maximum of 3 years and 9 months in prison.

She has already lost custody of the children. They are nine, five, three and two years old today. She won’t see her little ones again that soon. If any. They are housed, it is said.

Continued: June 3rd. Judgment: July 30th.


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